Parking Lot Restriping

Parking lot maintenance is an extremely important aspect of owning or managing any commercial property. Over time, weather elements and continuous driving or walking on asphalt pavement can cause it to deteriorate. Faded parking lines and pavement markings are the first sign that your parking lot may require some maintenance. Parking lines and pavement markings help keep your parking lot clean and organized. In addition to boosting the aesthetic appeal of your parking lot, clean parking lines and markings also maintain high safety standards and improve the traffic flow of your property for more efficient functionality.

With professional parking lot striping services in your area, you can ensure that your parking lot is always ready for use. Read on to learn about key indications that your parking lot may need restriping.

What Is Parking Lot Restriping?

When your parking lot stripes and markings start to fade, it’s time to restripe them. Essentially, that just means repainting them using a state-of-the-art road marking machine and parking lot striping paint. 

Parking lot striping paint isn’t your average oil or water-based paint. It’s a specially formulated thermoplastic paint that’s designed to withstand a variety of external elements, weather conditions, and temperature fluctuations. Although thermoplastic paint is available in many different colours, white and yellow are the two most common ones used for road marking. 

Before the process can begin, professional pavement contractors will take the time to perform a thorough sweep of the surface area to be painted. It’s important to work on a completely clean surface area to prevent debris from being trapped under the paint, prevent future damages, and guarantee clean and long-lasting results. 

The application process involves running the parking lot striping paint through a number of pressurized hoses. The paint is then applied onto the pavement. Glass beads are typically applied on top of the newly painted surface to make it retroreflective for increased nighttime driving visibility.

Why Is Parking Lot Striping Important?

Parking lot striping is important for a number of obvious reasons. Clear parking lot lines and markings improve the flow of directional traffic and increase safety standards by indicating speed limits, marking pedestrian walkways, and no parking or fire safety zones. Plus, they also boost the curb appeal of your property and make a positive impression on anyone who uses your commercial parking lot. 

Let’s dive a little deeper into the following advantages of using professional parking lot striping services.


Parking lots with clearly indicated parking, driving, and walking zones along with properly marked speed limits and traffic-calming speed humps typically have much higher safety standards and ratings than those that are poorly maintained. Faded parking lot lines and markings can lead to chaos on your commercial property. Without proper and clearly visible markings, drivers will park their cars wherever they see fit and traffic flow will be a lot slower, causing congestion and increasing the risk of accidents. 

Failing to properly maintain your property is also a major liability issue. If an accident happens on your property as a result of your negligence to maintain it, you could be liable to pay the damages. Parking lot striping costs a lot less than having to foot the bill for a personal injury lawsuit. 

Maximize Your Parking Lot Area 

Aside from improving safety standards on your property, parking lot striping also helps to safely maximize the number of vehicles that can park on your property. Strategically marked lines indicate exactly where people can park their cars, and this boosts the organization of your parking lot and eliminates any confusion. 

Increase Curb Appeal 

Commercial property curb appeal is crucial because it’s what initially draws people in and can significantly impact the type of experience they have. Poorly maintained parking lots that are covered in potholes and cracks and are disorganized without any clear indication of regulations or designated parking areas can cause a lot of confusion and may even discourage people from wanting to support your business. 

Unfortunately, most people do judge a book by its cover and the exterior state of your commercial property can influence their overall impression of your business and management style.

Designate Handicap Parking and Accessibility 

Public and private sector businesses or infrastructures that are designed to be used by humans must comply with The Built Environment Standards that are set by the Accessible Canada Act. 

These standards indicate that all new and existing infrastructures must be designed or retrofitted to accommodate citizens with physical disabilities. This includes providing designated and clearly marked handicap parking spaces, wheelchair accessibility ramps, and keeping all publicly and privately owned properties completely free of obstacles that can obstruct accessibility to persons with physical disabilities. 

Developers must comply with section C-81 of the ACA to build structures and facilities that accommodate citizens of varying physical disabilities. 

When Is It Time to Restripe Your Parking Lot?  

Ideally, you should be performing commercial parking lot safety and functionality inspections at least once a month. This will help you quickly identify and remedy any potential problem areas, including when it’s time to restripe your parking lot. Here are a few key indicators that your parking lot needs to be restriped or repainted.

People Are Doing Sloppy Parking Jobs 

Drivers rely on solid white or yellow lines to indicate where to park and how close they are to other vehicles. If you notice a lot of sloppy or crooked parking jobs throughout your parking lot, it’s most likely because the lines are so faded that drivers can’t see them. This is a clear sign that your parking lot needs restriping or repainting.

Faded Handicap Parking Spots 

Modern parking lots have clearly designated parking spots for expecting parents, families with young kids, and people with disabilities that include metal signs. These parking spaces are usually located near the front entrance of stores and buildings for easy accessibility and minimal walking. However, pavement markings are still required by law and should be maintained at all times to increase identification of these marked parking spaces.

Restripe Your Parking Lot Regularly 

Winter is the only time of year when commercial property owners get a pass for not restriping their parking lots as the snow, sleet, and inclement weather conditions make it impossible. These conditions can do a lot of damage to your property, however, so you should still perform winter maintenance. Remove snow and ice to maintain driving and walking safety standards on your property. Once winter is over, do a property safety inspection and repaint faded parking lines and markers in the spring. 

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