Say no to concrete curbs! We have a better solution. Impact Curbs from X-Potential Products. Guaranteed for Life.

Concrete curb can fail in a short period of time with yearly exposure to salt and snow. Pictured is a 13 year old concrete curb from one of our customers industrial sites.

This same curb was installed 12 years ago on the same site as the concrete curb; Same conditions, vastly different lifespan. We went back to the site, requested to take the curb back and replace it for free. We now use it our trade shows to show to show how indestructible our curbs are.

The Impact Curbs weigh only 180 lbs and can be lifted and moved by two people… no heavy equipment required.

This cross section photo shows the composition of the Impact Curb. This product contains a broad array of mixed post-consumer and post-industrial plastics in addition to Auto Shredder Residue (ASR). ASR is the by-product of shredding an automobile. The primary ingredients are those used to manufacture upholstery, fabric trim, rubber, plastic, glass and trace amounts of metal.

Impact curbs can be painted Traffic yellow or any other colour you may choose.

Impact Curbs from X-Potential. If you ever break one, we will replace it free of charge.