What Type of Asphalt Is Used for Roads?

Asphalt is one of the most widely used paving materials in the entire world—and with good reason. It’s made from high-quality, flexible, and long-lasting resources. On top of that, asphalt is also one of the most versatile paving materials on the market today. In varying capacities, it can be used for commercial parking lots, residential […]

Why Asphalt Is the Superior Option for Your Commercial Paving Projects

As a business owner, your storefront property is understandably your pride and joy. In order to make an excellent first impression on your customers and keep them coming back for more, it’s not enough to simply offer them great customer service. You also need to prove to them that you care about your business by […]

How Commercial Environmentally-Friendly Asphalt Paving Practices Can Help Minimize Your Carbon Footprint

Believe it or not, asphalt is the most environmentally sustainable, renewable, and recyclable material in the construction and paving industry. In North America alone, approximately 100 million tons of asphalt paving material is reclaimed and about 95 million of that is recycled or reused for new road installation or repair projects. Considering the sheer volume […]

What Are the Benefits of Asphalt Crack Repair?

Asphalt crack repair in Toronto is a cost-effective and infinitely beneficial method of keeping your commercial and residential parking lot or driveway safe and operational following the cold winter months. Your asphalt sustains a great deal of pressure and potentially damaging effects as a direct result of being exposed to cold weather, heavy precipitation, and […]

What Are the Different Tools Required for Asphalt Repair?

It takes more than just excellent skill and know-how for professional asphalt pavement contractors to repair and maintain commercial parking lots, roadways, and driveways. In this line of work, top notch asphalt pavement repair tools and their proper applications are an absolute necessity. A number of different types of equipment come into play when it […]

Comparing Speed Bumps vs. Speed Humps: Which One Is Better for Your Commercial Parking Lot?

Traffic calming measures have seen a lot of growth and improvement over the past decade or so, especially in residential areas, school zones, and commercial parking lots. Any area or stretch of road with heavy foot traffic requires advanced safety measures that can help reduce the likelihood of fatal or non-fatal accidents. Speed bumps and […]

What Is the Difference Between Flexible Pavement and Rigid Pavement?

Pavement is an essential component of proper road construction. Its primary function is to allow for the steady flow of traffic, moderate load distribution, and allow for safe passage of vehicles and pedestrians alike. Even in asphalt parking lots, pavement has numerous important purposes that are often taken for granted by the general public. Factors […]

Potholes: Innocent Bystanders or Vehicular Deathtraps? Why Pothole Repair Is So Important

Statistically speaking, winter is the most damaging time of year for an asphalt driveway or parking lot, particularly between January and March. During this time of the year, the weather tends to fluctuate, often going from mild temperatures to extreme cold on a daily basis. This extreme contrast in temperatures can cause your asphalt to […]

How to Extend the Lifespan of Your Asphalt Parking Lot

Major repairs or asphalt replacements can be costly but are sometimes necessary in order to keep your parking lot safe and running as smoothly as possible. Regular maintenance such as cleaning up the exterior of your property, repainting line markings, repairing small cracks and potholes, and removing ice and snow in the winter are a […]