8 Factors that Can Negatively Impact Your Asphalt Parking Lot

asphalt paving

Whether you own a commercial or private property, the first thing people notice is the condition of your parking lot. A few minor cracks scattered throughout your asphalt parking lot won’t raise any eyebrows or faze anyone, but a parking lot that’s falling part and in total disrepair certainly will. It’s more than just an […]

10 Types of Severe Asphalt Cracks That Need Immediate Repairs

Damages such as cracking in asphalt pavement are so much more than just an aesthetic issue. They indicate that there could be some structural problems with the asphalt pavement that need to be addressed quickly. Not only can cracks in asphalt cause vehicular and property damage, but they can also pose a potentially serious safety […]

How Commercial Businesses Should Maintain Their Asphalt Parking Lots during Winter

asphalt paving in Winter

Every business has its peak season when customers continuously flock in and off-peak seasons when operations slow down significantly. The beginning of the year when winter is still raging in full force in many parts of Canada is considered to be a generally slower time for many retailers. This year seems to be a little […]

What Is the Difference between Summer and Winter Asphalt?

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Most people probably don’t realize that there are different types of asphalt used across the paving industry on a seasonal basis. To be completely honest, asphalt pavement pretty much looks the same to the untrained eye. But to experienced asphalt contractors, gradation, texture, and aggregate material ratios make a big difference in terms of what […]

Why Is It Important to Have Year-Round Asphalt Parking Lot Maintenance for Your Business?

Parking Lot Maintenance

Year-round asphalt pavement parking lot maintenance is absolutely imperative for commercial property owners. Whether you simply own the property itself or you’re a business owner, the exterior of your property is your pride and joy—or at least it should be. A well-maintained and clean commercial parking lot attracts more customers and leaves a good lasting […]

How Asphalt Pavement Reacts to Various Weather Changes

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Temperature changes, seasonal transitions, and the various elements that come with them can all have a tremendous impact on your asphalt pavement. Although asphalt pavement is incredibly durable, it’s not completely indestructible and requires routine maintenance throughout the year. In order to administer the proper form of maintenance your asphalt requires throughout the different stages […]

8 Reasons Your Asphalt Pavement Is Cracking and What to Do About It

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Even though asphalt is one of the most durable, versatile, and reliable paving materials on the planet, it’s not completely unsusceptible to certain types of damages that occur over long periods of time. If you own a fairly busy commercial or industrial property that gets a lot of vehicular and foot traffic, you may notice […]

Common Asphalt Processes Property Owners Should Know About

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Just like many roads around the globe, the history of asphalt is long and winding. Dating back to the 1870s, asphalt has been used to pave roadways and other structures for many generations. Naturally, asphalt processes and the ingredients used to make the aggregates have evolved since the early days, but the basic concepts and […]

5 Tips to Maintain Catch Basins on Your Property

Catch Basin Repair

Standing or pooling water is one of your asphalt pavement’s worst enemies. Water that collects over time in a single spot on your pavement can eventually erode the surface asphalt, causing cracking, potholes, and other extensive costly damages. That’s why every commercial and residential property has a catch basin. Catch basins, which are more commonly […]

Everything You Need to Know about Asphalt Milling

Asphalt milling

Asphalt is one of the most durable, adaptable, and affordable paving materials on the planet. Although asphalt is primarily used in road construction, it’s a multi-purpose aggregate that can be found in other common products such as roofing shingles, paint, pipe and cable coatings, building waterproofing materials, pool linings, soundproofing materials, newspaper ink, and so […]