How Commercial Asphalt Paving Can Help Your Business Save Money

Commercial Asphalt Paving ServicesKnowing how to adequately and efficiently allocate funds from your budget is an integral part of running a successful and lucrative business. What this means is that you need to figure out ways of making your money go further rather than reducing funding for important business-related projects or repairs. Investing in the appearance and operation of your property is one such relevant expense that can … Read More

Asphalt vs. Concrete: Which Is Best for Driveways?

If you’re considering getting your parking lot paved, you may find yourself trying to decide between asphalt and concrete.
Both materials have their pros and cons, but in recent years, asphalt has become the preferred choice for property owners.

The Difference Between Asphalt and Concrete Driveways

There are similarities between asphalt and concrete; for one, both are aggregates made from crushed rock or sand mixed … Read More

Things To Know about Warm Mix Asphalt

warm asphalt pavingAsphalt pavement mixes are used in the majority of road and structural construction projects for a variety of reasons. However, with the continued growth of environmental consciousness as well as other factors, it’s becoming increasingly necessary for asphalt manufacturers and contractors to adjust their aggregate formulas and methods of application. Hot mix asphalt used to be the standard type of aggregate used in most road … Read More

Why Do Potholes and Cracks Form in the Winter?

paving repair TorontoAs many residential, commercial, and industrial property owners are already aware, the effects of winter weather and drastic temperature changes can be quite detrimental on your asphalt driveway or parking lot. Even if your asphalt is in decent condition in the fall with very minor damages, you’ll notice that once winter comes to an end, those seemingly minor damages have now worsened severely. That’s where … Read More

Tips for Minimizing Damage to Your Asphalt Parking Lot This Winter

parking lot maintenance contractors TorontoThis winter, Toronto has seen a great deal of egregious weather conditions ranging from heavy snowfalls, storms, and fog, to sleet, hailstorms, and even rainstorms. If you happen to be a landlord or commercial property owner, it’s your responsibility to ascertain that anyone and everyone who uses the exterior of your property either occasionally or on a regular basis is completely safe and sound this … Read More