What Is the Difference Between Flexible Pavement and Rigid Pavement?

space between cars in parking lot

Pavement is an essential component of proper road construction. Its primary function is to allow for the steady flow of traffic, moderate load distribution, and allow for safe passage of vehicles and pedestrians alike. Even in asphalt parking lots, pavement has numerous important purposes that are often taken for granted by the general public.

Factors such as environmental and climate conditions, heavy vehicles, frequency … Read More

Potholes: Innocent Bystanders or Vehicular Deathtraps? Why Pothole Repair Is So Important


Statistically speaking, winter is the most damaging time of year for an asphalt driveway or parking lot, particularly between January and March. During this time of the year, the weather tends to fluctuate, often going from mild temperatures to extreme cold on a daily basis. This extreme contrast in temperatures can cause your asphalt to constantly contract and retract. Along with the constant weight … Read More

How to Extend the Lifespan of Your Asphalt Parking Lot


Major repairs or asphalt replacements can be costly but are sometimes necessary in order to keep your parking lot safe and running as smoothly as possible. Regular maintenance such as cleaning up the exterior of your property, repainting line markings, repairing small cracks and potholes, and removing ice and snow in the winter are a few simple steps you can take to extend the … Read More

The Importance of Clear Line Marking in Parking Lots

As a business owner, having clearly marked parking lot lines is very important, as they will prevent accidents and clearly show your customers where to park. However, the frequent snowfalls and plowing this winter may have left your parking lines faded, if not completely gone. Add a wet and rainy spring to this and your parking lot lines may be in desperate need of repair.… Read More

The Affect of Winter Weather on Commercial Parking Lots


Winter weather can have extremely damaging effects on asphalt and for that reason, as a property manager, you need to implement stringent commercial parking lot maintenance on a regular basis. This is especially true in the winter when snow, rain, hail, ice, and other elements such as rock salt and de-icing agents are just lurking in the shadows waiting to unleash their destructive forces … Read More

The Effects of Seasonal Changes on Asphalt Pavement

The Effects of Seasonal Changes on Asphalt PavementWith each changing season and the different weather conditions that ensue, your commercial asphalt parking lot is constantly exposed and increasingly susceptible to a wide range of potentially damaging elements. Wind, rain, snow, hail, and discarded leaves are all natural elements that can have damaging long-term effects on your asphalt. However, the application of seasonal products such as chemically-induced de-icing agents, shovels, and snow plows, … Read More

How to Choose Asphalt Paving Contractors for Commercial, Industrial, and Retail Applications

Asphalt Paving Contractors for Commercial, Industrial, and Retail ApplicationsCommercial, industrial, and retail asphalt paving contractors are hired by property owners or managers to install new pavement and maintain the overall safety of the pavement in public parking lots and driveways. Regardless of the season, commercial properties need to always be in excellent condition so that they can be used safely and prevent accidents or vehicular damages from occurring. With that in mind, here … Read More

Tips to Budget for Asphalt Parking Lot Repaving

Asphalt Parking Lot RepavingAsphalt parking lots and driveways, particularly those that are frequently exposed to heavy vehicular and foot traffic, require a great deal of regular maintenance and sometimes that can include a costly repaving project if there’s extensive damage. As stressful as the concept of having to budget for an asphalt parking lot repaving project can be for property managers and business owners alike, sometimes it’s … Read More

The Importance of Having Smooth Asphalt and How It Can Save You Money

Importance of Having Smooth Asphalt and How It Can Save You MoneyAs much as the proven advantages of asphalt pavements are plentiful, many people don’t realize that driving on a smooth and clean surface could actually end up saving them a great deal of money, improve fuel economy, increase the longevity of their vehicles, and even help the environment. Of course, in most cases, drivers don’t necessarily have control over the condition of the roads and … Read More

Interesting Facts to Know about Asphalt

asphalt pavement factsCommercial property owners throughout North America rely heavily on asphalt pavement contractors to install the highest quality and most durable parking lots and driveways. In fact, it’s estimated that approximately 94% of all of the roadways on this continent are paved with asphalt because it’s the most reliable, durable, and longest lasting material for the job. As much as we depend on asphalt roads, parking … Read More