Freeze and thaw cycles can cause drastic damage to your asphalt if not properly maintained. Sure Seal Pavement specializes in a variety of services to keep any asphalt paved surface looking and performing like new again. These services also extend the life of your parking lot or driveway and save you money. We will explore all of your options before determining which solution is best for you.


Sometimes full depth removal and replacement of areas is unavoidable. We can do that!!

Sunken areas can at times be economically repaired by removing only the top layer of asphalt. Cost effective solutions are our specialty.


We specialize in taking on the tough jobs. We have many years of experience in handling municipal road repairs.


Access ramp repairs……Many other companies will say “no thank-you”, we say “bring it on!!” We can schedule high volume traffic area for after hours work. We will make our schedule……. fit your schedule.


Cold seams in asphalt that are not routed and sealed right away can lead to water infiltration and further damage along those seams. Many times the asphalt damage only goes one layer of asphalt deep. We have the ability to Mill Grind those areas and re-surface with new asphalt. The right service, at the right time, at the right price.


No job is too small. Every job counts. Do not hesitate to call us, even for your smallest job. We will provide cost effective solutions for all of your pavement repair needs.


We will leave your site cleaner than when we arrived. That is our promise to you.


All of our asphalt repairs are backed by our industry leading 3 YEAR ASPHALT REPAIR WARRANTY. When you want your asphalt repaired on time, on budget and backed by an unbeatable warranty…..Call 1-888-PAVEMENT. We are waiting for your call.